Pour les enseignants ou pour actualiser vos références en écologie des paysages, un nouveau livre de K.A. With « Essentials of landscape ecology » (Oxford) apporte une synthèse très riche et abondamment illustrée. En 641p, les principaux concepts de l’écologie des paysages, ses méthodes les plus récentes, ses avancées les plus solides sont décrits et illustrés, avec de nombreuses références bibliographiques des plus récentes. Sans conteste un livre qui deviendra vite une référence incontournable.  Bonne lecture

Human activity during the Anthropocene has transformed landscapes worldwide on a scale that rivals or exceeds even the largest of natural forces. Landscape ecology has emerged as a science to investigate the interactions between natural and anthropogenic landscapes and ecological processes across a wide range of scales and systems: from the effects of habitat or resource distributions on the individual movements, gene flow, and population dynamics of plants and animals; to the human alteration of landscapes affecting the structure of biological communities and the functioning of entire ecosystems; to the sustainable management of natural resources and the ecosystem goods and services upon which society depends. This novel and comprehensive text presents the principles, theory, methods, and applications of landscape ecology in an engaging and accessible format that is supplemented by numerous examples and case studies from a variety of systems, including freshwater and marine ‘scapes’.

Table of Contents:

1. What is Landscape Ecology? Foundation and Core Concepts

2. Scaling Issues in Landscape Ecology

3. Landscape Heterogeneity and Dynamics

4. Landscape Pattern Analysis

5. Landscape Connectivity

6. Landscape Effects on Individual Movement and Dispersal: Behavioral Landscape Ecology

7. Landscape Effects on Population Distributions and Dynamics

8. Landscape Effects on Population Spatial Spread: Range Shifts, Invasive Spread, and Landscape Epidemiology

9. Landscape Effects on Gene Flow and Population Genetic Structure: Landscape Genetics

10. Landscape Effects on Community Structure and Dynamics

11. Landscape Effects on Ecosystem Structure and Function.

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